HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM)
Deliver consistent business outcomes
HP PPM is a web-based solution which provides your organization with visibility into strategic and operational demand, resource productivity and utilization, as well as associated financial information across your entire portfolio.  Its "top-down" capabilities can provide critical information to upper management to help make the right investment decisions at the right time and, at the same time, enables program and project managers to use the data from projects and other work to effectively manage their areas and understand what issues and risks need to be addressed. 

And what can this mean to you?  Independent ROI studies demonstrate that HP PPM customers can receive an average one year ROI of 6.2 percent of their annual IT budget, rising to nearly 14 percent over 3 years.

HP PPM gives you the flexibility to start utilizing its functionality based on your organizational readiness rather than the all or nothing implementations required by many competing PPM solutions. There are four typical starting points that PPM customers use: Demand Management, Project Management, Resource Management, and Time Management.   You may decide, for example, to begin by focusing on managing your incoming demand, like proposals and work requests. Then, as you expand and roll out additional processes, you could turn your focus to managing your projects and resources.  By choosing the modules you need when you need them, you can start addressing your business drivers and any pain points you may have, then turn on the other business functions at your own pace. A list of modules can be found below.

Underlying all of this is an advanced workflow engine, as well as web service and configuration capabilities that allow you to tailor the system to the way you want your business to work. HP PPM also incorporates enterprise class data security features so you can control what data can be seen by whom.

In addition, HP PPM seamlessly integrates with all of the other products in the HP Software, including HP Agile Manager, HP Executive Scorecard, HP Financial Planning & Analysis, HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality Center, HP Service Manager, HP Application Portfolio Management and HP Universal CMDB to give you an optimized view of your organization’s activities.

HP PPM’s current module set includes:
Customers continue to parter with ResultsPositive to accelerate adoption and amzimise return on investment for their project and portfolio management investments.
ResultsPositive's PPM Service Offerings include:
  • Project Portfolio Management Capability & Usage Assessments & Roadmaps
  • HP PPM Consulting and Advisory Services
  • HP PPM Rapid Start Implementations
  • HP PPM Product Training
  • HP PPM Reporting solutions and services
    • ResultsPositive Resource Management Toolkit
    • ResultsPositive Project Management Toolkit
    • ResultsPositive HP PPM BO Accelerator Package
    • Project Portfolio Intelligence
    • Mobile HP PPM Program & Project Data Visualization application
  • HP PPM SaaS service for regional and global customers
  • HP PPM Managed Services
  • HP PPM Administrator & Staff Augmentation Services
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HP Project and Portfolio Management (HP PPM)
PPM module descriptions
HP Portfolio Management
This module enables you to govern your portfolio of projects, applications, and opportunities in real time with effective collaborative processes. Complete lifecycle forecasting capabilities give you the information to make effective portfolio decisions, from proposal initiation, justification, and review to project initiation, execution, and deployment.
HP Portfolio Optimization
This module includes capabilities to help you to determine your optimal mix of proposed projects, active projects, and maintained assets based on budget and resources over time.. Different scenarios can be determined automatically based on user defined criteria.
HP Applicatoin Portfolio Management
This component enables you to assess and prioritize the entire application portfolio for rationalization and modernization opportunities based on both business goals and IT technology decisions and then provide ongoing support through business events such as mergers and acquisitions, divestment, and IT sourcing strategy changes. Application portfolio management is not just about optimizing application road maps, it is also about synchronizing IT priorities with business priorities. As a result, APM should be viewed as an extension of the strategic planning of the IT organization, especially given that these applications automate core business operations.
HP Program Management
This module enables you to collaboratively manage your programs from concept to completion. It automates processes for managing scope, risk, quality, issues, and schedules. With Program Management, you no longer need multiple tools and paper manuals to manage program initiation and budget processes, approval, scope changes, risk, issue resolution, resources, or status.
HP Project Management
This module helps you meet the challenges of managing projects in large, geographically dispersed enterprise environments. It integrates project management and process controls to reduce the number of schedule overruns, thereby reducing project risks and costs.
HP Financial Management
This module provides a single, real time view into all financial attributes related to the programs, projects, and overall corporate project portfolio. Program and project managers gain the flexibility needed to rapidly adjust forecasts as business objectives change. Cash flow analysis capabilities increase the accuracy of IT investment decisions. Multiple languages are supported, perfect for global organizations. Financial Management offers SOP 98-1 support, which uses a built in capitalization method to reduce capitalization errors and uses out of the box portlets to bring needed visibility and control.
HP Resource Management
This module provides comprehensive resource analysis, which includes both strategic and operational activities at any stage in the work lifecycle. This holistic approach enables a complete understanding of where internal or contracted resources are committed. In turn, your managers can quickly respond to changes with a clear understanding of the effects on resource capacity and work prioritization.
HP Time Management
The Time Management module helps you focus on value added activities by streamlining time collection and improving efficiency in resource allocation across the wide range of work performed by employees. This provides the capabilities your organization needs to better understand how much time is spent on strategic investments vs. operational activities. This helps improve resource allocation and load balancing along with overall productivity and execution.
HP Demand Management
The Demand Management module captures all project and non-project requests so you may know what the organization is asking for and have the information needed to prioritize valuable resources. Stakeholders have a comprehensive picture of past, present, and future demand so requests can be prioritized, assigned, viewed, and spread across multiple dimensions to identify trends.